Brands and Products I Like

I like to experiment – whether it’s researching the cleanest chai or matcha, to testing out health tracking tools. There is so much out there it can be overwhelming – but choosing quality products – food, beauty, household – is important to reduce the toxic load on your body and to optimize the nutrient density.

Hi, I am Sara and I am addicted to chai! Chai is a blend of different spices that support your blood sugar balance and help reduce inflammation. Unfortunately many of the manufactured chai products are full of unnecessary sugars and fillers.¬† I’ve tested some different brands, made my own home-made concentrates and powders, but then I found Blue Lotus Chai and I met my match. The ingredients are clean and organic, it tastes good in water or as a latte, and they have different spice blends!

Bitters are a great primer for your digestion – the bitter compounds help your body secrete the right digestive juices so you can breakdown, digest and absorb the nutrients from your food. Bitters can also support blood sugar balance and the detoxification process. I’ve been using Urban Moonshine and tested a few different of their “flavor” options – I prefer original and citrus.

My break-fast is usually a golden milk chai latte and one of my favorite additions is Laird Superfood creamer. I’ve enjoy the original, Pumpkin Spice and Turmeric flavors. I also like their Chai blend and their hydrate coconut water powders. Most of the products have Aquamarine that provides trace minerals to help with hydration. If you’re a coffee drinker, try their organic mushroom coffee!

Cleaning up your diet is a great place to start in your wellness journey, but it’s not complete until¬† you clean up your household products and remove all the estrogen disruptors. I’ve been enjoying Branch Basics All Purpose Cleaner for my everyday cleaning needs! I also like their glass bottles and laundry boost. #tossthetoxins

I love supporting small businesses, especially with great products. This Kaua’i based activewear & athleisure line is the product of a friendship and overcoming the odds. Plus the leggings are so buttery smooth.