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What is Nutritional Therapy

The Nutritional Therapy Association teaches a holistic approach to nutrition, relying heavily on the body’s innate wisdom that our bodies are constantly striving to achieve homeostasis, and as such, by properly nourishing it, we can do just that! We focus on five foundations that need to be optimized to have cellular health and resistance. 

I really enjoy the approach of the Nutritional Therapy Association because it puts whole foods first and respects the bioindividual of us as individuals. Meaning, what works for me might not work for you. We analyze how the body responds to foods and work together to find meeting points where you feel your best. 

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I can not diagnose and treat disease. I am not a doctor, and after working in health care for more than 15 years, I truly believe modern medicine has a lot to offer to help us once we are sick. Unfortunately, health care doesn’t do a lot to proactively keep us healthy. As a NTP I can partner with you to figure out the root of some of your symptoms and identify what food and lifestyle choices help resolve the chronic issues you are living with. If you don’t have chronic issues – great – let’s do our best to keep it that way by equipping you with the tools to age gracefully. As a benefit of improving your nutrient density, you will hopefully have more energy and better cellular health and immunity. 

My Why

While I’ve always had an interest in health and nutrition, my passion was ignited through my own health journey. Here’s a video about my why, and my path to nutritional therapy.