Hair in the Air

my favorite Trolls Lucy and Hunter!

Ok, I’ve got a confession … I think the soundtrack for my treatment journey is from the Trolls movie. Weird, I know. But I’ve listened to it only about a thousand times thanks to Lucy and it’s quite good. Who doesn’t love a little Justin Timberlake and some old school remixes. When I first got my diagnosis was enduring my 17 minute PET scan I was singing to myself “Get Back Up Again,” there were a few dark days that reminded me of “The Sound of Silence.” And a few days ago I let the girls pull out strands of my hair and starting signing “Hair Up.” And my favorite “I’ve Got This Feeling” because I got “that sunshine in my pocket got that good soul in my feet” and “I got this feelin’ inside my bones” that I am going to kick cancer butt #sarastrong style!!

Ok, enough about Trolls songs for now. This past Wednesday, exactly two weeks after my first chemotherapy appointment, I noticed strands of my hair falling gently to my shoulders (when I was in a work meeting of all places). And then I noticed gobs of hair when I ran my fingers through it. So, I decided it was time for the GI Jane cut and visited my super hot barber/hubby for the job. Ever since we started talking about my hair falling out Tyler was super excited to be the one that gets to shave it. I know a lot of people get emotional about losing their hair but to me losing my hair is the least of my worries.

I also knew that I needed a wig – mostly for work and for the girls (if you remember, Maile wants the wig, moms can be so embarrassing right?!?!). So I made an appointment at a salon called Jacquelyn’s down the street from my house. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a neighborhood salon in the way of wigs, and was pleasantly surprised that she had all kinds and I narrowed into one that looked like ‘Sara Hair’ and had the coloring I have always wanted. I tried on quite a few wigs and learned that bangs and dark colors are not my thing. I also found a fun long purple wig that I thought the girls would like because mermaid hair is so in! I had my fashionista friend Jen there to make sure I had a second option and Jacquelyn was just the nicest lady with a lot of experience helping women going through chemotherapy and other hair loss.

The girls were super excited to see my wigs and play with them. But when I took off the wig to show them my freshly shave hair – they said I looked like “daddy number two.” Well, if I look like daddy I guess I will take that as a compliment.

3/21: First day of chemo hair
3/32: First cut
3/26: cute pony!
4/3: Work style
4/4: Hot barber alert
4/5: Purple wig - what's Jen thinking??
I call this The Linda
Too dark
Not feeling the angles on this one
Winner winner!!
4/5: G.I. Sara reporting for battle

Oh and P.S. I just found out there will be a Trolls 2 coming out April 2020 – mark your calendars because I am coming out!