A little insight into starting my cancer treatment ….

3/19: got my eyebrows microbladed! I am worried about loosing my hair but there are lots of ways to cover that up if I want to…but my eyebrows?? I was already interested in microblading my brows, found a professional that specializes in permanent makeup for breast cancer patients and made my appointment. It didn’t hurt much, just felt like a little weed wacker attacking my brows. It did make me sneeze!! Unfortunately I can’t come back in for my touchup until chemotherapy is over.


I got my eyebrows microbladed!

3/20: Went to Chemotherapy 101. My doctor’s nurse navigator taught a class for me and my family about the process of chemotherapy, the potential side effects and tips and tricks. It was helpful to talk in detail about the process. Having my analyst husband in there was fun too, as he had lots of questions. And not awkward at all was her emphasis on using a condom for “intimate issues” going forward through chemo.

3/21: The BIG day. My first chemotherapy appointment. I was actually looking forward to this day ever since I was diagnosed as I wanted to start killing the cancer inside me. Like NOW. They warned me that the first chemo appointment would be about 8 hours because they phase the medications to make sure you don’t have a reaction. But time flew by with a few visits from some friends. During chemo I didn’t feel much different, a little groggy due to the benadryl they give you. However that night I had a hard time sleeping I think because of the steroids. And I started to feel nauseous. Ug, I didn’t think that was going to set-in so early.

My dad came to my house to be the disinfectant crew. All my providers have made a big deal about the importance of not getting sick. Well easier said than done with two young germ-harboring kiddos. But Dad is on Duty and he is coming by once a week to de-germ.

3/22: Chemo pee is real! Like neon yellow. Not sure if it was a combination of my broth fast or just the chemo but I am glad it’s moving out of my body. I am still nauseous but it’s manageable. My doctors said that because I didn’t get morning sickness when I was pregnant I was less likely to feel sick – well I feel it.

3/23: Thanks to Melatonin I was able to get some sleep and was feeling a little better today. Still queasy. Feeling loved by all my friends and family coming together to support me, through meal delivery, supplements, care baskets, flowers, #sarastrong bracelets, texts and emails and even helping shave my head! I have always been thankful for the great community I have, but going through this really puts into perspective how lucky I am. Oh, and happy birthday to my awesome momma!!


3/24 – 3/26 (week after chemo): I am feeling really queasy and tired from the chemotherapy. I didn’t take my nausea meds – but maybe I should have.

3/27-4/1 (1.5 weeks after chemo): hmm it looks like I have chicken pox on my forehead and I have a nice big itchy rash on my chest. Doctor said it is all normal reactions to chemo.

4/1-4/3 (2 weeks after chemo): I have like six painful canker sores in my mouth – on the inside of my lips and cheeks. So painful. I’ve tried essential oils, baking soda, benadryl, topical ointments. Nothing working yet. Doctor called in a prescription called “Magic Mouthwash” and I am hoping it is filled soon. And hoping it works like Magic.

4/3: as I run my fingers through my hair – loose pieces are starting to fall out. But I got to the gym today to lift some weights followed by a nice sauna session.

4/4: Still have canker sores, still loosing hair. And I’ve got a banging headache. But I started my morning off with a workout at OrangeTheory fitness — first time since chemotherapy.

4/7: Canker sore free and feeling good!!

4/11: I met with my oncologist and he said the tumor seems to be responding to the first round of chemo and is shrinking! Good news. Also, Chemo day #2 which means no sleep from the steroids.

4/12: This time I am using the nausea medications to stay ahead of the game. I am still a bit queasy and tired but not as bad.

4/16: I don’t have the rash and breakout like the last round of chemo!! Still a little queasy.

4/20: Feeling good! Went for a nice swim and then a sauna session. Met a friend for lunch! And I talked to my Patient Advocate Skip who gave me some good information on integrative therapies and breast cancer. He going to do some extra research on my genetics. Nice resource to have!