much needed sunshine to fill your day
support your metabolism with healthy eating habits
working the body out to
much needed sunshine to fill your day
support your metabolism with healthy eating habits
working the body out to

Six week group health program​

Are you looking to jumpstart your health in 2023? Maybe you want more energy? Or to improve body composition? Maybe you need a little motivation to start that exercise program? Or perhaps this is the year you get stress under control! This program will teach you  the why and how to purposely integrate holistic nutrition and lifestyle practices to help you look and feel your best!

Get Rooted In

Learn how to eat to support your metabolism and prevent disease.
Get challenged to add more movement into your daily life and create healthy exercise habits.
Understand the mind-body connection and how to create resilience through daily stressors.

Specific areas of focus will be:

Nutrition: metabolism, digestion, detoxification, epigenetics

Movement: strength training, yoga, cardio

Stress Resilience: breathwork, purpose, herbs

Hormesis: hot, cold, fasting


Below are the currently planned dates and details. The Wednesday zooms are confirmed, but the Rooted Sunday / in person activities are subject to change. 

Rooted Lifestyle 2023

Supported by 5 Wednesday zoom sessions – each will cover a topic in nutrition, movement, mindset and hormetic/bio-hacking. To help make what you learn actionable into your daily life you will also receive… 

  • toolkits
  • challenges
  • facebook group
  • 1:1 consultation (powered by signs and symptoms analysis)
  • optional Rooted Sundays (in-person activities) 
Optional add-ons by request: bio-marker testing (hormones, genetics, toxins, etc), shopping trip, additional 1:1 nutrition consultations or training sessions. 

Program Investment

$ 300
  • Weekly Zoom Meetings
  • Covering Nutrition, Movement, Mindset and Hormetic/Bio-hacking Topics
  • Toolkits and Challenges
  • 1:1 Coaching and Group Support​
  • Optional Local Meet-ups

As a holistic nutritionist / nutritional therapist I believe the body can repair itself once you give it the right foundation: nutrients, movement and mindset. 

This group series goes beyond nutrition to help you achieve optimal health and help you look and feel your best. I am teaching my core tenets of a Purposely Rooted lifestyle to repair your metabolism, support your cells, improve your energy and make you more resilient to everyday stressors.

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