The Narrows @ Zion (Utah)

Event Post

The Narrows at Zion, Utah is more than a hike, it’s an experience! We did this hike on one of our last days exploring Zion National Park and it is a must-see even if you don’t do the whole hike (which is quite hard in the water). The first mile is paved and then you dip into the chilly water for a few miles. We went in about 3 miles and every turn you experience new breathtaking sights. The water in September was chilly, but not too cold. I would suggest getting there early to try to beat the crowds. You can only access the hike by the Zion shuttle or a few tour guides, so plan to get tickets in advance.

Length: 2-8 miles

Good for kids: it can be ok for kids. Lucy (6) went with us and she got a little cold in the water so I had to carry her (carrying a kid in deep water and through slipper rocks is not the easiest). There were kids of all ages.

All Trails Link: Zion Narrows Bottom Up to Big Springs

Notes: I would HIGHLY suggest getting water-proof boots and a hiking stick at the rentals outside the park. This saved us from falls and twisted ankles!! Don’t forget you need shuttle tickets to access the hikes in Zion.