Mount Diablo Grand Loop (Nor Cal)

Nov. 28th, 2020

On a clear day I can see the peak of Mount Diablo from a back yard, and I always joke that it’s been taunting me to climb it. Tyler and I had signed up for a Spartan Super on Mount Diablo right before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, so unfortunately we had to cancel it as it was scheduled right as I started chemo. A few years later, I tackled the mountain with my mom, brother and sister. The views were worth the wait – on a clear day you can see the buildings in San Francisco and up to the Sierras! This hike has a lot of incline and gets the heart pumping. It is a loop so you can do it in either direction – we started towards the West so we didn’t end with a huge incline at the end.

Length: 6.7 miles

Views: YES! on a clear day you can see a lot of Northern California

Good for Kids: a shorter loop within Mount Diablo State Park

All Trails Link: Mount Diablo Grand Loop Trail

Other Notes: Mount Diablo is a State Park – parking fees apply. There is also a pretty long and winding drive from the Ranger Booth to the trailhead. Look out for the cyclists. There is a Whole Foods just a few miles from the Ranger Station to get snacks if needed!