Kirkwood Snowshoe (Nor Cal)

On a beautiful winter day we decided to drive up to the Kirkwood area, Lake Margaret Trail, to try our chances at snowshoeing. Mom picked the trail, she thought a nice 5 miler would be good for our first time… Well, it was a beautiful trail, but we had to pave our own way the full 5 miles – I am guessing this trail isn’t used widely for snowshoers?? Anyhow, it was beautiful and a great workout. We didn’t see another person the whole 5 hours (yes, 5 miles in 5 hours…).

Length: 5 miles (if you don’t get too lost)

Good for kids: not during the winter, but probably a beautiful and nice family trail without snow

Other notes: we couldn’t park in the main parking area, so had to park down the street at the Kirkwood cross country ski park and hike into the main trail

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