Cronan Ranch Regional Trails Park (Cool)

My mom found this great hiking and exploring area just an hour from our home, tucked away in Cool California. The park has trails that zig-zag in every direction, so you can do this area multiple times and take different routes. The trail follows the South Fork of the American River, so you might see some whitewater rafters! The trails also have options for mountain bikers, horses and it’s dog friendly. We’re looking forward to bringing the girls back as there are a few different picnic areas and they can in the sandy beach area along the water.

Length: choose your own adventure, we did around 10 miles

Good for: anyone

Other notes: I am pretty susceptible to poison oak, and even those there isn’t much in season right now I still got a few little rashes after the hike. There are a few bathrooms in the parking areas and along the trail

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