Rooted with Purpose

When your roots are strong and deep, you can weather any storm. Purposely Rooted is a space to learn how to strengthen our roots through nutritionally dense foods, nature, wellness and most of all love and community.

Oncology Nutrition

One of my passions is supporting those affected by cancer with nutrition and lifestyle support; with a focus on the metabolic approach to cancer. I currently accept clients through Remission Nutrition.

Purposeful Rooted Blog

EAT with Purpose

When we are rooted in what we eat we choose foods that support our body to operate at its best. Foods that nourish. Minerals that naturally detox. Nutrients that give us energy. We enjoy the colors of the rainbow and choose, when we can, organic and humanely raised.

LIVE with Purpose

When we are purposeful about how we live we take time for ourselves. We understand our body and mind are truly connected and we need to support them both. We surround ourselves with loved ones and a community that supports each other. We try to minimize, when we can, toxins like stress and environmental hazards.

MOVE with Purpose

When we are rooted in movement we focus on how to keep our body strong. We find ways to move throughout the day. We breathe fresh air and ground ourselves in nature. When we can, we lift heavy things. But most of all, we have fun.

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